Kilimanjaro GeoConsult Ltd

  • "Mobile Spatial Data Collections"
  • "Web/Internet Mapping"
  • "Graphics Design"
  • "Geomatics Engineering"

What We Offer ?

@Kilimanjaro GeoConsult Ltd we are providing all Geomatics Engineering Consultants in extremely wide variety of information gathering activities and applications. We have an excellent experience in design, develop, and operate systems for collecting and analyzing spatial information about Air navigation services, Archaeological, Coastal zone management and mapping, Criminology, Disaster informatics for disaster risk reduction and response, environment, Infrastructure management, Land management and reform, Natural resource monitoring and development, Seismic Interpretation, Sociology, Subdivision planning, Urban planning, Oceanography, Meteorology, Parks, Resource Management, Climate Change/Environmental Monitoring, etc. We are providing Consultants/Services in: Surveying (including land, cadastral, aerial, mining and engineering surveying), GPS/GNSS, Geodesy, Geodynamics, Hydrography, Cartography, CAD, Photogrammetry, Computer vision, LIS, Land management, Cadastre, Real Estate, Applications programming, Project management, etc

Software Development

GIS/Web Mapping
At KGCL we are providing all GIS/Internet Mapping services with excellent experience in designing, developing, and operating/maintaining systems for collecting, storing, manipulating and analysing spatial information in different thematic areas of natural, economic and social resources for sustainable development.

Graphics Designs
Graphics Designs, Desktop Publishing & Cartography is one of our favorite work at KGCL. We have managed to create National Parks and Game Reserve Tourist information and guide maps.